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Hello from Easylife Hammocks
About Us

Easylife Hammocks was born as a result of an accidental “virtual encounter” with the Mlabri (pronounced mm-lar-bree) people. Fascinated by the most beautiful hammocks we have ever seen, we looked for the people who created these hammocks. Our search led us to the most awesome story about the miraculous way the Mlabri people quantum leaped from the stone age into the internet age in a very short span of time. We love the idea of lazy afternoons spent in our favorite hammock, enjoying the easy life of doing nothing. So when the opportunity presented itself for us to sell these most colourful Mlabri hammocks to the world, we seized it. 

Since May 2011, our hammocks are sourced from Thai Tribal Crafts Fair Trade (www.ttc.co.th), a non-profit fair trade organization aimed at improving the quality of life of tribal people in Northern Thailand.

Love Hammocks But Have No Trees? 

Friends have told us hammocks are not relevant for city dwellers who have no gardens, much less 2 trees to string the ends of a hammock to. That’s before they saw our hammock chairs, also called the sitting hammock, which can be hooked to a point in the ceiling, just as easily in a room corner as it is at the balcony. Now they agree that hammocks are a must for everybody in this frenzied, crazy world – imagine coming home just to plop into the soft, embracing yarns of your hammock! 

Mlabri Hammocks Are Luxuriously Soft & Comfortable

Unlike most hammocks, these handwoven hammocks by the Mlabri come in dense-weaving technique which uses thousands of loops and not knots. Yes, it takes much more cotton yarn to produce a densely-woven hammock but the result is the softest, most comfortable hammock bed!

Part of The Mlabri Miracle 

Through EasyLife Hammocks, we have actually been given the opportunity to be part of the Mlabri success story. You, too, have become a part of this Mlabri Miracle. Think about it – having found our website and reading up about the Mlabri and their astonishing survival story have also made you a part of this amazing story.

Check out the wonderful range of colorful hammocks in our collection and you’ll agree that only a happy, well-balanced people can express so much beauty and artistry in their hammock creations. We would like you to know that each of these hammocks is a piece of art, produced in a healthy, family-oriented environment. This is a welcome opportunity and source of pride for the mostly uneducated Mlabri people who would otherwise be exploited in degrading activities just to eke a living. 

We hope you will find a Mlabri hammock in here that you’ll like to keep for yourself, and soon you’ll join us in our mantra “Life’s easy in a hammock”.

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