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Frequently Asked Questions

Of the 6 types of hammocks featured, how do I choose the most suitable hammock for me?

This depends on where you want to enjoy your hammock. If you wish to hang it indoors, or in sheltered areas of the house, any of our hammocks cotton or acrylic is suitable. We recommend the Mlabri hammock and hammock chair. Travel hammocks and parachute hammocks are light and weatherproof, so they are excellent to transport around, especially if you go camping or trekking. Superjumbo hammocks and V-hammocks are large and weatherproof so they are ideal for the garden or by the pool.

I don’t have trees in the garden but I love the idea of lazing in a hammock. Can I still enjoy a hammock?                 

Of course! Not every house has a garden, much less 2 trees to hang a hammock. Our hammock chair can be hung from one point in the ceiling or roof beam. Unlike other hammock chairs, ours spread out fully for more comfort. Our hammock chairs can be a chair, a bed and a swing, all in one. Besides trees, you can also tie your hammocks between two pillars. Hooks secured into walls can the ends of your hammock too. 

What is the correct way to hang a hammock?

Please click here to get to the “How to hang a hammock” page.  

Can I sleep in a hammock?

Some 10 million people sleep in hammocks! Some people are of the opinion that sleeping in a hammock is good for the back since there are no pressure points from the evenly distributed weight on the hammock.

I have heard of Mexican hammocks, Mayan hammocks, Yucatan hammocks, Brazilian hammocks and Nicaraguan hammocks. What exactly are Mlabri hammocks?

Mlabri hammocks are hammocks handwoven by the Mlabri tribe of Northern Thailand. Mlabri hammocks are handwoven using an improved Mexican weaving technique, and employs thousands of interloops, making them stretchable and very comfortable. In fact Mlabri hammocks (currently 6 types, with the 7th type, the silk hammock almost ready to hit the market), are now gaining popularity not only because of their wonderful comfort and durability but more so because of their amazing choices of colors. You have 150 choices of hammocks colors & designs on this website alone.

Can I wash my hammock?

Yes. Hand wash your hammock in cold water, rinse it, then spread evenly to dry. Mild detergent can be used if you wish. When washing for the first time, your Mlabri hammock and hammock chair will wash off some excessive natural dye. That is normal for naturally-dyed cotton yarns and you should not worry about your hammock’s colors fading. The dyes are color fast.

What happens if my cotton hammock gets wet or damp? 

It is quite likely for your Mlabri hammock and/or hammock chair to get damp or wet even if you hang it in the patio or shaded balcony. Hang it out in the sun to dry properly before using it again. Just like a cotton T-shirt which gets moldy if it is damp, your cotton hammock will too. However if you keep your hammock dry all the time, it stays beautiful and durable. Just like a cotton T-shirt too, the more you use your Mlabri hammock, the more comfortable it gets!

How can the parachute hammock function as a picnic groundsheet, tent or raincoat?

The parachute hammock is made from a rectangular piece of durable parachute silk measuring 2m x 3m. The ends are bunched up and strung with a rope and hook, to shape it into a hammock. Loosen the knots on the rope and the hammock will spread out, ready to be used for the other purposes.

Please contact us if you have anything else you want to know about our hammocks and we'll try to answer your queries.  

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