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A chair, a bed, a hammock - all in one!

With every USD250 purchase of our hammocks

Easylife hammocks make a perfect gift for any occasion and especially welcomed as a housewarming present!
The Mlabri hammock chairs are also called sitting hammocks or swing hammocks. Unlike other hammock chairs or sitting hammocks, the Mlabri hammock chair stretches to full body length. You can sit to read and relax or lie down for a nap. No trees in your garden? No problem. Limited space in your house? No worries. The hammock chair hangs from one point or two in the ceiling, perfect for the balcony, patio or room corner. This hammock chair is an easy chair, sofa and bed, all in one! Its compact weaving requires outstanding manual expertise, and its comfort and beautiful color combinations cannot be found anywhere else. It provides hours of quite relaxation or swinging fun for adults as well as children. Avoid direct sunlight and rain, and the colors will stay brilliant for a long time.
  • Handmade using improved interloop weaving technique of Mexican hammocks
  • Width: 1.10 meters
  • Woven Length: 2.00 meters
  • Material: Coarse string cotton No. 24
  • Weight: 1.3kg
  • 30 color-design combinations
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Hammock Chair Rainbow (SKU: CH01)Hammock Chair Rainbow (SKU: CH01)
Hammock Chair Andaman (SKU: CH02)Hammock Chair Andaman (SKU: CH02)
Hammock Chair 04 (SKU: CH04)Hammock Chair 04 (SKU: CH04)
Hammock Chair Bulldog (SKU: CH05)Hammock Chair Bulldog (SKU: CH05)
Hammock Chair Che Guevara (SKU: CH06)Hammock Chair Che Guevara (SKU: CH06)
Hammock Chair Flow (SKU: CH07)Hammock Chair Flow (SKU: CH07)
Hammock Chair Frenchmix (SKU: CH08)Hammock Chair Frenchmix (SKU: CH08)
Hammock Chair Garden (SKU: CH09)Hammock Chair Garden (SKU: CH09)
Hammock Chair Gooey (SKU: CH10)Hammock Chair Gooey (SKU: CH10)
Chair Hammock Rasta (SKU: CH101)Chair Hammock Rasta (SKU: CH101)
Chair Hammock Sunsea Bright Green (SKU: CH102)Chair Hammock Sunsea Bright Green (SKU: CH102)
Chair Hammock White (SKU: CH103)Chair Hammock White (SKU: CH103)
Chair Hammock White Nylon (SKU: CH103 Ny)Chair Hammock White Nylon (SKU: CH103 Ny)
Chair Hammock Red (SKU: CH104)Chair Hammock Red (SKU: CH104)
Hammock Chair Gremlin (SKU: CH11)Hammock Chair Gremlin (SKU: CH11)
Hammock Chair Hot Rod (SKU: CH12)Hammock Chair Hot Rod (SKU: CH12)
Hammock Chair Lemon (SKU: CH13)Hammock Chair Lemon (SKU: CH13)
Hammock Chair Mekhong Sunrise (SKU: CH14)Hammock Chair Mekhong Sunrise (SKU: CH14)
Chair Hammock Sunsea (SKU: CH16)Chair Hammock Sunsea (SKU: CH16)
Chair Hammock Mix Violet Yellow (SKU: CH17)Chair Hammock Mix Violet Yellow (SKU: CH17)
Chair Hammock Mix ForestFruit (SKU: CH18ff)Chair Hammock Mix ForestFruit (SKU: CH18ff)
Chair Hammock Rastamelee (SKU: CH20)Chair Hammock Rastamelee (SKU: CH20)
Chair Hammock Siso Blue Violet (SKU: CH23)Chair Hammock Siso Blue Violet (SKU: CH23)
Chair Hammock Suzuki (SKU: CH24)Chair Hammock Suzuki (SKU: CH24)
Chair Hammock Tropic (SKU: CH25)Chair Hammock Tropic (SKU: CH25)
Chair Hammock Tsunami (SKU: CH26)Chair Hammock Tsunami (SKU: CH26)
Chair Hammock Wisconsin (SKU: CH27)Chair Hammock Wisconsin (SKU: CH27)
Chair Hammock Yellow Cab (SKU: CH29)Chair Hammock Yellow Cab (SKU: CH29)
Hammock Chair MeleeBlue (SKU: Ch15)Hammock Chair MeleeBlue (SKU: Ch15)

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