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Unique Jungle Hammocks of the Mlabri People
The Thai hammock is the best coarse-string hammock there is, and you can get them for the best price here. Better than rope hammocks for its comfort and more durable than fabric hammocks, these are the original masterpieces of the Mlabri people of Northern Thailand. Today they are also made by other Northern Thai tribes such as the Lahu people. Made from extra thick cotton yarns of over 1km long, comprising 5000 loops, the Mlabri hammock is strong enough to pull a truck! They provide good resistance to cigrarette and campfire ambers. Not just strong, these Mlabri hammocks are beautiful and come in lively bright colors, a reflection of the happy state of mind of the Mlabri weavers.  
hammocks cotton yarn colors
  • Coarse-string hammocks cotton handmade from improved interloop technique of Mexican hammocks
  • Overall length 4m
  • Bed length (woven part) 2.25m
  • Actual weight 1.6kg
  • Material: Cotton string No 24
  • 30 color-design combinations  
  • Also available in white 80/20 blended nylon - soft and durable, great for outdoors.
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Thai Hammock Rainbow (SKU: MH 01)Thai Hammock Rainbow (SKU: MH 01)
Thai Hammock Andaman (SKU: MH 03)Thai Hammock Andaman (SKU: MH 03)
Thai Hammock Ao Nang (SKU: MH 04)Thai Hammock Ao Nang (SKU: MH 04)
Thai Hammock Banana (SKU: MH 05)Thai Hammock Banana (SKU: MH 05)
Thai Hammock Black (SKU: MH 06)Thai Hammock Black (SKU: MH 06)
Thai Hammock Black&White (SKU: MH 07)Thai Hammock Black&White (SKU: MH 07)
Thai Hammock BluBlu (SKU: MH 08)Thai Hammock BluBlu (SKU: MH 08)
Thai Hammock BluBlu Special (SKU: MH 09)Thai Hammock BluBlu Special (SKU: MH 09)
Thai Hammock BluBlu Special 2 (SKU: MH 10)Thai Hammock BluBlu Special 2 (SKU: MH 10)
Thai Hammock Rainforest (SKU: MH 101)Thai Hammock Rainforest (SKU: MH 101)
Thai Hammock Frenchmix (SKU: MH 102)Thai Hammock Frenchmix (SKU: MH 102)
Thai Hammock MixedCloudGreen (SKU: MH 103)Thai Hammock MixedCloudGreen (SKU: MH 103)
Thai Hammock Chiangsaen (SKU: MH 12)Thai Hammock Chiangsaen (SKU: MH 12)
Thai Hammock ChiangKhong (SKU: MH 13)Thai Hammock ChiangKhong (SKU: MH 13)
Thai Hammock Earth (SKU: MH 14)Thai Hammock Earth (SKU: MH 14)
Thai Hammock Flowerfield (SKU: MH 15)Thai Hammock Flowerfield (SKU: MH 15)
Thai Hammock Fullmoon (SKU: MH 16)Thai Hammock Fullmoon (SKU: MH 16)
Thai Hammock GreenBlue (SKU: MH 17)Thai Hammock GreenBlue (SKU: MH 17)
Thai Hammock Gooey (SKU: MH 18)Thai Hammock Gooey (SKU: MH 18)
Thai Hammock Hot Rod (SKU: MH 19)Thai Hammock Hot Rod (SKU: MH 19)
Thai Hammock Mekhong Sunrise (SKU: MH 20)Thai Hammock Mekhong Sunrise (SKU: MH 20)
Thai Hammock MeleeBlue (SKU: MH 21)Thai Hammock MeleeBlue (SKU: MH 21)
Thai Hammock MT51 (SKU: MH 22)Thai Hammock MT51 (SKU: MH 22)
Thai Hammock Rastamelee (SKU: MH 23)Thai Hammock Rastamelee (SKU: MH 23)
Thai Hammock Spain (SKU: MH 25)Thai Hammock Spain (SKU: MH 25)
Thai Hammock Tropic (SKU: MH 26)Thai Hammock Tropic (SKU: MH 26)
Thai Hammock Sundown (SKU: MH 27)Thai Hammock Sundown (SKU: MH 27)
Thai Hammock White (SKU: MH 28)Thai Hammock White (SKU: MH 28)
Thai Hammock White Nylon (SKU: MH 28Ny)Thai Hammock White Nylon (SKU: MH 28Ny)
Thai Hammock Yellow Cab (SKU: MH 30)Thai Hammock Yellow Cab (SKU: MH 30)

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