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Must-have Hammocks for Backpackers & Travellers

Bring total relaxation with you wherever you go! The travel hammock is our best compromise between price, size and weight. Our Travel hammocks are handwoven in the exact compact weave as the Superjumbo hammocks, and in as many exciting designs. A travel hammock, as the name implies, is perfect for traveling and backpacking. It is smaller yet big enough for two, and lighter at only 850g. It is weatherproof and you can even pack it wet before a 48-hour journey. With its high-density weave, it will take an experienced Mlabri weaver up to 10 days to make one Travel hammock from 60,000 loops of soft acrylic yarn. Do go through all 42 of the creative designs that we have for you before making your choice. Whichever you choose, we’re sure it will brighten up any décor or corner of the world you bring it to.

  • Weatherproof hammock, handwoven using improved Mexican 1/1 interloop technique
  • Total Length: 3.7m
  • Bed Length (woven part): 2m
  • Width: 2m
  • Weight: 850g
  • Material: Weatherproof triple Acrylic yarn 3 x 16/2/2
  • 36 color-design combinations 
Sort By:
Travel Hammock Original Rainbow (SKU: TH 01)Travel Hammock Original Rainbow (SKU: TH 01)
Travel Hammock Rasta (SKU: TH 02)Travel Hammock Rasta (SKU: TH 02)
Travel Hammock Andaman (SKU: TH 04)Travel Hammock Andaman (SKU: TH 04)
Travel Hammock B&W (SKU: TH 06)Travel Hammock B&W (SKU: TH 06)
Travel Hammock Blue Blue (SKU: TH 07)Travel Hammock Blue Blue (SKU: TH 07)
Travel Hammock BluBlu Special (SKU: TH 08)Travel Hammock BluBlu Special (SKU: TH 08)
Travel Hammock Rainforest (SKU: TH 102)Travel Hammock Rainforest (SKU: TH 102)
Travel Hammock New Rasta (SKU: TH 103)Travel Hammock New Rasta (SKU: TH 103)
Travel Hammock Fullmoon (SKU: TH 14)Travel Hammock Fullmoon (SKU: TH 14)
Travel Hammock Hot Rod (SKU: TH 15)Travel Hammock Hot Rod (SKU: TH 15)
Travel Hammock Kathmandu (SKU: TH 16)Travel Hammock Kathmandu (SKU: TH 16)
Travel Hammock Knight (SKU: TH 17)Travel Hammock Knight (SKU: TH 17)
Travel Hammock Krabi (SKU: TH 18)Travel Hammock Krabi (SKU: TH 18)
Travel Hammock Lanta (SKU: TH 19)Travel Hammock Lanta (SKU: TH 19)
Travel Hammock Mediterranean (SKU: TH 20)Travel Hammock Mediterranean (SKU: TH 20)
Travel Hammock Mexico (SKU: TH 22)Travel Hammock Mexico (SKU: TH 22)
Travel Hammock Midnight Blues (SKU: TH 23)Travel Hammock Midnight Blues (SKU: TH 23)
Travel Hammock Special Rainbow (SKU: TH 24)Travel Hammock Special Rainbow (SKU: TH 24)
Travel Hammock Phangan (SKU: TH 25)Travel Hammock Phangan (SKU: TH 25)
Travel Hammock Rafflesia (SKU: TH 26)Travel Hammock Rafflesia (SKU: TH 26)
Travel Hammock Ranong (SKU: TH 28)Travel Hammock Ranong (SKU: TH 28)
Travel Hammock Rastamelee (SKU: TH 29)Travel Hammock Rastamelee (SKU: TH 29)
Travel Hammock Shade of Blue (SKU: TH 30)Travel Hammock Shade of Blue (SKU: TH 30)
Travel Hammock Shade of Green (SKU: TH 31)Travel Hammock Shade of Green (SKU: TH 31)
Travel Hammock Sundown (SKU: TH 33)Travel Hammock Sundown (SKU: TH 33)
Travel Hammock Swiss (SKU: TH 34)Travel Hammock Swiss (SKU: TH 34)
Travel Hammock Thailand (SKU: TH 35)Travel Hammock Thailand (SKU: TH 35)
Travel Hammock Tsunami JP (SKU: TH 37)Travel Hammock Tsunami JP (SKU: TH 37)
Travel Hammock USA (SKU: TH 38)Travel Hammock USA (SKU: TH 38)
Travel Hammock VS (SKU: TH 39)Travel Hammock VS (SKU: TH 39)
Travel Hammock Wave (SKU: TH 40)Travel Hammock Wave (SKU: TH 40)
Travel Hammock White (SKU: TH 41)Travel Hammock White (SKU: TH 41)
Travel Hammock Wisconsin (SKU: TH 42)Travel Hammock Wisconsin (SKU: TH 42)
Travel Hammock Yellow Cab (SKU: TH 43)Travel Hammock Yellow Cab (SKU: TH 43)
Thai Hammock Darkie (SKU: TH101)Thai Hammock Darkie (SKU: TH101)
Travel Hammock Phrae (SKU: TH104)Travel Hammock Phrae (SKU: TH104)

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