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How to hang your hammock
A spreader bar is recommended for your hammock chair or sitting hammock especially if you are hanging it from one point. This is simply to give it shape and makes the hammock look neater. Get a strong broomstick or cane that is 2.5 - 4 cm in diameter, and 110cm long. Make nicks so that your hammock stays in place. (Be careful not to nick too deeply though as that would weaken that part of the bar.)

Here the diagrams show you two ways to hang a hammock chair. The first shows the hammock hung from one point in the ceiling, beam or tree, and the second shows it hanging from two points.

 Hanging hammock from 1 point


Hanging hammock from 2 points 


1. Hang both ends at the same level and make sure you are far off the ground. 60cm is about right as it allows a child to get into the hammock just as easily. Of course you can hang it higher, just as long as it is a breeze getting in and out.

2. Make sure your hammock has some slack so that the bed part can spread nicely and widely. As a guide, you should be able to lie with your back straight diagonally in your hammock. That way when you lie down from end to end, you back is straight and not curved too much.

3. To get into your hammock, stand on one side at the middle part. Sit down as you are spreading the hammock open. Then lie down diagonally across the hammock and adjust until you find the most comfortable position. Now relax.....

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